What's in a Pet Food Label? | Pet Nutrition

What’s in a pet food label?

Pet food labels are .  While they tell us about the overall philosophy of the diet, they don’t tell us enough to make an informed decision.  Without proper knowledge of rules and regulations, it’s easy to misunderstand what the label is saying.  For example, a major protein may be labeled as the number 1 ingredient.  What they don’t tell you is that is wet weight not dry weight, meaning that is weight when the protein contains 80% water.  It’s not an accurate reflection of the actual portions in the diet.

Even most veterinarians can’t tell you how to read a label. That’s what makes choosing a good diet so hard. Many food companies spend their money on marketing and not actual research and feeding trials. The rules around food labels make claims that don’t always paint an accurate picture.

Ohio State’s Veterinary Medical Center has a good summary on how to read pet food labels.  Read more by clicking on this link.