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Minimally Invasive Options

Our clinic is equipped to offer you and your pet many different minimally invasive options. Minimally invasive options are usually safer for your pet and the surgeon, and they result in a quicker recovery and a healthier pet. We offer laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive surgical option most commonly used for spaying and neutering. Unlike traditional surgery, laparoscopic methods allow for smaller incisions, more precision, and a shorter recovery time for your pet. We also offer laser surgical options. Laser surgery, as the name suggests, uses a highly focused laser to chip away at the soft tissue or bone.

There is less blood, less risk of infection, less swelling, and a much quicker recovery time for your pet. Radiology and Ultrasound examinations are available as well. These methods are less invasive than traditional x-rays, require less table time from your pet, produce instant results, and can help us get to the bottom of your pet’s discomfort and start finding solutions faster. Our cardiology department uses non-invasive procedures to determine to quickly and safely examine your pet.

Methods such as echo-cardiology and electro-cardiology allow our vets to evaluate your pet quickly and effectively, so that we can begin the process of helping them feel better. While our clinic does offer traditional methods of all the above procedures, it is important to remember that these options are available to you as well.

If your veterinarian has recommended one of the above options or its alternative to you and you are interested in knowing more about your options, ask us. We’re happy to work with you and help you make the best decision for your pet to keep them happy, healthy, and safe.

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