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Laser Surgery

Our clinic is equipped to perform laser surgery on your pets. Laser surgery utilizes a highly focused beam to vaporize or chip away the living tissue. It simultaneously seals capillaries, small blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerve endings. Soft tissue laser surgery is used on areas like the kidneys and stomach. Hard tissue laser surgery focuses on bones and teeth. Laser surgery has many benefits for your pet when compared to traditional surgery. These benefits include:

  • Reduced pain– the laser seals nerve endings as it goes, vastly reducing the amount of pain the patient feels during and after surgery
  • Reduced bleeding– The laser cauterizes and seals small blood vessels, providing the surgeon with an almost bloodless surgical field and the patient with a greatly decreased risk of bleeding out during surgery
  • Reduced swelling– there is no physical contact between the laser and the region being operated on, eliminating the tearing and bruising associated with traditional surgical methods; lymphatic vessels are also sealed
  • Reduced infection– the energy from the laser acts as an antibacterial agent because of the high temperatures it produces, effectively eliminating microorganisms
  • Quicker recovery– as a result of all of the above, laser surgery provides the benefit we know you will appreciate most of all: a quicker recovery for your pet.

If your pet has to have a surgical procedure, consider laser surgery. The benefits are vast, and your pet will be happier, healthier, and safer in the long run thanks to this method. Consult with your vet to determine if laser surgery is right for your pet.

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