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Laparoscopic Spay and Neuter Services

Laparoscopic Spay Pets in Castle Rock

Laparoscopic spaying and neutering is minimally invasive, making the recovery time for your pet much faster. The surgery itself may take a bit longer than usual, because it requires more precision than a typical spay or neuter procedure does.

The benefits of laparoscopic surgery are that there is less trauma and stress involved, there is significantly less pain for your pet, the incisions made are smaller, there is less bruising, and there are normally fewer complications. Additionally, unlike in traditional spaying procedures, the uterus is left in place during a laparoscopic spay.

This helps prevent complications during and after surgery, as the removal of the uterus is a much more difficult procedure and can lead to a host of complications that are not present in this method. Removing the ovaries puts an immediate halt to the reproductive system.

Spaying and neutering your pets is a very important step in helping prevent animal overpopulation. Unless your intent is to breed, we highly recommend that you spay or neuter your pet to prevent unexpected litters, as well as diseases associated with the reproductive organs. If your pet is still in need of spaying or neutering, please discuss your options with your veterinarian. While we personally recommend laparoscopic surgery, we do offer traditional surgery as well.

Above all, spaying and neutering your animal will go a long way to helping them stay happy, healthy, and safe.