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Surgical Services

Pet Surgery at Our Castle Pines Veterinary Clinic

We know surgery can be a scary proposition, especially as pets get older. The Animal Care Centers is an innovator in providing multiple treatment options, including non-surgical options. When surgery is the best or only option, we have the facility, equipment and staff to ensure that your pet receives the best possible care.

We are one of the only practices in Douglas County to offer both surgical laser and laparoscopic procedures.

Veterinary laser surgery:

Veterinary laser surgery

You want the best for your “kids” and so do we. Our standards rival human medical standards in sterile technique, facilities, equipment and staff. We feel so strongly about the importance of great patient care that we have developed stringent standards for medical care that we have copied a page out of the Mayo Clinic and created a patient bill of rights.
Castle Pines Veterinary Surgery Clinic
Recognized in human and veterinary medicine for the significant benefits it provides to both patients and surgeons, including:

Reduced Pain – The CO2 laser beam seals nerve endings as it cuts through tissue. This reduces the amount of pain the patient feels during and after surgery.

Reduced Bleeding – The CO2 laser beam cauterizes and seals small blood vessels as it cuts. This laser energy achieves hemostasis and provides the surgeon with a bloodless surgical field in most procedures.

Reduced Swelling – There is no physical contact between the laser and the surgical region, eliminating the tearing and bruising of tissue associated with traditional surgical methods. Lymphatic vessels are also sealed.

Reduced Infection – Laser energy acts as an antibacterial agent by producing high temperatures, effectively eliminating microorganisms.

Quicker Recovery – As a result of all of the above, laser surgery provides the benefit your clients will appreciate the most: a quicker recovery for their pet.

Veterinary laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopy ( also known as minimally invasive surgery) allows surgeons to perform the same procedures as in traditional open surgery, using small incisions (keyhole surgery) instead of large abdominal incisions. Studies have shown major benefits to the patient in terms of reduced post operative pain, increased post operative comfort, reduced hospital stay and a quicker return to normal physical activities. and reduced wound complications associated with large scars are also major advantages associated with this technique.

If you are interested in learning more about this procedure and if your pet qualifies, please schedule a consult with one of our veterinarians.

Surgical Procedures

We perform a number of surgical procedures here on site, including:

  • Spays and Neuters
  • Mass Removals
  • Stomach tack (gastropexy)
  • Liver Biopsies
  • Splenectomies
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Bladder Stones Removal (cystotomy)
  • Intestinal Biopsies
  • Orthopedic Procedures

Patient Bill of Rights


Patient safety is our priority. As a patient, your pet has the right to have care provided in a safe setting. Everyone has a role in making health care safe, including veterinarians, veterinary technicians, recovery nurses and specialists. You play a vital role in making your pet’s care safe by becoming an active, involved and informed member of their health-care team. Your perception of risks to safety and suggestions for improvement will be heard with a timely response. We help keep your pet safe by:

  • Dedicating a two person technician team to each surgical patient
  • Assigning a dedicated recovery nurse to your pet after surgery
  • Investing in ongoing continuing education for doctors and staff
  • Maintaining sterile technique at all times in the hospital surgery suites
  • Two dedicated surgery suites with independent HVAC systems and negative pressure
  • Integrating advances in human technology into veterinary medicine

Utilizing outside specialist for cases that need advanced anesthesia monitoring


Pain management prior to and during surgery is a vital part of any medical procedure. The lower the pain threshold, the lighter you make the anesthesia during the procedure, which always the preference. It also reduces pain windup that makes pets more painful post procedure. Post procedure we monitor the pain levels of each patient to ensure each patient is as comfortable as possible. Your pet has the right to appropriate assessment and management of pain that may include:

  • Information about pain management and pain relief measures
  • Staff aware of and committed to pain prevention and management
  • Health professionals who respond quickly to reports of pain
  • Care by dedicated pain management specialists, when appropriate
  • Local blocks to reduce pain during procedure when appropriate
  • Monitoring during and after procedure for pain and comfort levels


You have the right to be informed about all support services are offered and options and make informed decisions about your pet’s care. Additionally, our team is dedicated to:

  • Providing prompt and reasonable response to questions and requests.
  • Reaching you just prior to starting and procedure and a follow immediately after to update you on your pet’s progress.
  • Review and see our facility prior to the procedure.
  • Supporting you in making medical decisions about your pet’s care without judgment or prejudice.
  • Communicating with you post procedure to ensure your pet is recovering well
  • Ensuring you know of and have approved all charges prior to performing any procedure.


You have the right to obtain, from the practitioners responsible for coordinating and providing your care, complete and current information about diagnosis (to the degree known), treatment, alternatives, risks and any known prognosis. This information should be communicated in terms you can understand.


You have the right to reasonable, informed participation in decisions involving your pet’s care. To the highest degree possible, this should be based on a clear and concise explanation of your condition and planned procedures, including potential benefits, the possibilities of any risk of serious side effects, problems related to recuperation and probability of success. You have the right:

  • To be informed about medically significant alternatives for care or treatment exist.
  • To know or request who is performing your procedure
  • To decline any treatment for your pet
  • To have access to best medical treatment and options. Our facility is equipped with multiple options and modalities to ensure we give you every possible we can for your pet’s care.