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Limping and Lameness

Parker Vets for Dog Limping & Lamenesss

A pet limping is usually an indicator that one or more of his or her limbs is injured or that normal range of motion has been affected in some way.  It is important if you notice your pet limping to seek medical attention.  This assessment will determine if further testing is necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Preparing for your visit.

Answering the following questions will help guide the veterinarian in assessing your pet:

Did you witness any trauma to your pet?

How old is your animal?

How long have you noticed the change?

Have you noticed a difference in mobility based on the seasonal weather changes?

Have you seen any swelling on the affected limb or joint?

Have you noticed your pet being reluctant to use the stairs or to jump up?

Is your pet more reluctant to go on walks?

Have you noticed a change in the activity level of your pet?

Also, please keep in mind that a pet in pain can lash out, no matter how much they love you and you love them.  Be cautious when examining any pet in discomfort or pain.  Please do not administer medications to your pet prior to their visit, as our veterinarians will determine what medications are appropriate for your pet’s condition.