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Alternative Medicine for Animals

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The term ‘alternative medicine’ typically refers to remedies that, while not backed by scientific research, have been proven through continued use over many years.  This can include remedies like massage, acupuncture, homeopathic, chiropractic and holistic medicine.  While we focus primarily on acupuncture and chiropractic care, our preventative and wellness programs for your animals also includes herbs and supplements, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine as well as more western methods.Our rehabilitation services also include western and alternative options for pets, including therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and supplements. The goal of these alternative methods is help the animal’s body heal by stimulating its natural healing processes, rather than adding outside medication to the system.  These methods can be used to treat anything from arthritis to trauma to various diseases of the joints and muscles.  While there may be concern that these practices are not necessarily safe or beneficial for your pets, we can assure you that these therapies are generally regarded as benign and perfectly safe.
If you and your vet decide that an alternative route is right for you and your pet, we will work with you to find the correct programs for your individual animal.  It is vital that a trained veterinarian is involved in these processes, so please do not try to use these alternative methods by yourself without the assistance of a trained professional veterinarian.


Castle Rock Veterinary CenterThere is a common misconception that veterinary care is highly profitable. The reality is that the average profit margin of a veterinary practice is 8-12%. There are times when people avoid coming to us because they cannot afford care. It is very important to us that your pets get the proper attention. If you have challenges affording care, talk to a doctor or manager and we will discuss various options. We do not want your pet to miss out on the care they need and deserve.