Working from home presents a unique set of challenges for you and for your pets. Changes in your schedule and daily routine can be confusing and sometimes stressful for pets. They will expect you to behave as you normally would at home on a day off. You might be more easily distracted from working as they demand your attention. Animal Care Center of Castle Pines cherishes every opportunity to provide the care and advice that you and your pets deserve. Read on for our best tips on how to make the working from home transition easier for you and your pets.

Getting to Know You

As you and your pet spend more time together, your relationship will probably change. At the very least, you’re getting to know each other a lot better. Perhaps you’ve realized that your dog needs more frequent walks during the day, or discovered that your cat has an unnatural urge to nap directly on top of your computer keyboard. Times that are stressful for people can be stressful for pets, too. Take comfort in each other’s company and cuddles—you will both be healthier and happier.

Establish a New Routine

Changes in your daily routine can make some pets feel anxious—cats especially dislike disruptions to their regular schedule. Always feed your pets at the same time that you normally would, even if it means waking up early. Instead of your morning commute, take your dog for a longer walk or start the day in quiet meditation with your cat. Set up a designated workspace and keep regular working hours. Maintaining routines will help your pets adapt to the new “normal” more easily.

Follow the House Rules

Consistency is key when it comes to pet behavior. If certain furniture is off-limits, don’t make exceptions; if you would not normally share your food, don’t give in to begging. Too many treats might send mixed signals. Breaking the rules is confusing for your pets and could undo months of training. Sticking to the rules encourages your pets’ good behavior and reduces chaos in your work environment.

Respect Boundaries

Let cats keep their distance when they need to. If your cat does not want to be part of your next viral video, that’s okay. He might be having a bad hair day. Dogs need to respect your boundaries, too—setting up a designated workspace will help them learn that they shouldn’t interrupt you while you’re occupied. Take frequent short breaks to cuddle and play with your pets to reassure them when they need your attention. 

Get more Exercise

Feeling cooped up? So is your dog. Don’t let him start chewing the furniture—get out in nature to explore together if you can. A change of scene and new smells go a long way when it comes to relieving anxiety in dogs. Long walks result in calmer dogs. If you have an important meeting coming up, take the time to exercise your dog beforehand. He will probably take a nap and sleep quietly through the whole meeting. 

Cats need exercise just as much as dogs do. When cats constantly try to interrupt your typing, or they keep photobombing your video conferences, they are expressing their need for mental stimulation. Play provides exercise and also relieves boredom, so keep some fun and interesting cat toys near your workspace.

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