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Sporting Dogs

The physical and nutritional needs of canine athletes differ in many ways from the needs of non-athletes. They have higher risks of physical injuries such as strains and tears of the muscles. They have higher energy levels and so have different nutritional needs.

They require different, usually stricter, training, and bad behaviors are arguably even less tolerable than they are in pets. At the Animal Care Center, we understand that each animal is unique and comes with his or her own unique needs and challenges. Our vets are well-equipped to work with you in maintaining your canine athlete’s health, happiness, and safety as they compete.

We will help you look at your dog’s nutritional requirements and develop a diet geared specifically towards them. If your pet does get injured in competition, our veterinarians will be waiting to help determine the cause of the problem and the best course of action to help him or her heal. Should your athlete need surgery, our rehabilitation center will get them back on their feet and in top physical condition in no time. Above all else, we will be here to help you on every step of the journey towards keeping your pet happy, healthy, and safe as they compete.

Please do keep in mind that your canine athlete is, first and foremost, a living being. Unlike humans, our faithful canine companions are unable to tell us when they are injured, or tired, or not getting the nutrients they need. As you and your dog compete, keep a close eye on them and make sure they are happy and healthy, to keep them safe.