We believe strongly in the human-animal bond. Our veterinary behaviorist is much different from a dog trainer or trainer with behavioral knowledge.

A veterinary behaviorist is a board-certified veterinarian who has completed a residency and rigorous credentialing in the science of animal behavior. Our goal is to use scientific knowledge of specific behavior within each species to help clients improve their pet’s behavior. Our methods are non-confrontational, humane and designed to decrease household stress while improving the human-animal bond.

The Process

Once you schedule an appointment, we ask you to provide us with a detailed history of your pet, his or her environment, medical conditions and other pets and members of the family. This information will help us in creating a customized treatment plan for your pet. After your initial consultation, a written plan will be provided that outlines the suggestions and modification to your interactions with your pet. Even a small amount of time each day working on this plan can achieve results.

Initial Behavior Consultation – 90 minutes

When you arrive for your initial consultation with our veterinary behaviorist, we will do our best to keep the stress minimal for you and your pet. We will refer your pet’s medical history form and review all records from your primary care veterinarian. At the conclusion of your consultation, you will receive the treatment plan and resources that will help you safely work with your pet. We will likely recommend some behavioral therapy training sessions with our behavior veterinary technicians.


Behavioral Therapy Appointments – 30 or 60 minutes

Your veterinary behaviorist will likely recommend some one-on-one training time with one of our veterinary technicians. Our behavior techs have undergone extensive training and will be able to help you establish the training plan prescribed by the doctor. They will be your guide through the process and help you achieve your desired goals. Behavioral therapy appointments are weekly until the first reassessment with the doctor and range every 2-3 weeks following the reassessment.

Reassessment Appointments – 30-60 minutes

Most patients need two to four re-checks with the veterinary behaviorist for the best success. These are generally scheduled every 4-8 weeks, depending on a patient’s individual needs. Some families need more frequent re-checks, especially if they are adding a medication to their pet’s treatment plan or want more involved behavior modification assistance. Rechecks can be done in the clinic, or by phone/video chat (depending on the situation).

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