Our Veterinary Practice Cornerstones

Practice Cornerstones

Our Practice Cornerstones

We founded the Animal Care Centers in 2003 on four cornerstones that we feel are the foundation to a great veterinary care center.  We choose the name of ‘center’ over ‘hospital’ and ‘clinic’ because we wanted to create a special place where owners and their pets would feel comfortable.  A place focused on wellness and health and incorporating but going beyond treating illness and injury. Our philosophy on veterinary care boils down to four simple words: compassion, choice, prevention and care. 

Compassion:  Pets are highly attuned to our emotions.  The more they are greeted and treated with warmth and love, the more comfortable they feel and the faster they heal.  You can’t fake heart. Compassion isn’t something you strive for, it’s a part of who are.  It’s why we spend so much time…

  • Hiring the right people
  • Creating the right culture and environment for our team
  • Investing in education and training
  • Listening to your concerns

Choice:  We strive to put you in the driver seat for your pets veterinary care and educate you on the best options available to support your pet’s health and well being.  Choice is also about the gift of time and convenience.  While this is the hardest standard of care we strive for, ensuring you have choices about when you can come into our practice is important.  That’s why we…

  • Have later hours
  • Are open until 6 on Saturdays
  • See walk-in and same-day appointments
  • Strive to stay on time
  • Give you multiple treatment options where possible
  • Will always try to work within your budget without ‘guilt’
  • Educate you on treatment alternatives

Prevention:  We can do so much now to improve the quality and quantity of life of our pets.  We are constantly working on ways to make preventative care better and more affordable.  Over the last two years we have reduced the cost of dental cleaning by an average of $100 per pet.  We reduce the fee for vaccines during an annual exam by 50%.  We run a heart worm clinic each year that decreases the cost of testing to minimize the risk of exposure to heart worm disease. We are currently working on new programs to improve screening and testing at lower rates for senior pets.

We are also continually learning more about how to prevent disease and injury and there is a lot we are learning about human health that transfers to pets as well.  Roughly 90% of healthcare costs are in the last few years of life.  While there is no comparable data for the veterinary industry, we do know now that a number of diseases can be prevented and quality and quantity of life extended through…

  • Proper nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Good dental hygiene
  • Annual screening (blood, urine, fecal)
  • Regular check ups
  • Parasite control
  • Vaccinations

Care: We care about you and your pet and it’s our goal to provide the best possible veterinary care through staff training and development, state-of-the-art equipment and world-class doctors.  We want your pet to have the best.  Our facility was designed with that in mind and our staff works diligently to service your needs.  We strive to provide the best care by…1

  • Running a client-centered practice
  • Investing in more and better equipment
  • Bringing in specialists from all over the country to educate and train our staff
  • Never compromising our medical standards
  • Implementing a learning organization that reponds to change and client requests
  • Treating your pet like it was our own

We work hard to be your preferred provider of veterinary care.  If you are a client, thank you for your trust.  If not, we invite you to come by and meet our team and take a tour of our awarding-winning practice.