Animal Care Center of Castle Pines


Our pharmacy is here to serve your needs during our regular business hours, including Saturdays. We strive to meet a 24-hour-or-less turnaround on most prescriptions and will communicate with you each step of the way.

If we do not carry a specific medication or food you are looking for, we will happily special order it for you or set you up with our online pharmacy through Vetsource. In many cases, you will find prices comparable to large online pharmacies and you can rest assured that the product you purchase is from a legitimate medical source with a manufacturer guarantee.

With recurring food orders, we highly recommend the use of our online store where all of the food products are shipped free and additional discounts apply when you choose to have it auto-shipped to your door.

To refill a medication or to speak to a pharmacy staff member you can call our main clinic phone number, pharmacy phone number, or reach out to us via email .


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