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In-House Laboratory

In-House Vet Lab in Castle Rock

When it comes to our pets, one of the most stressful periods as a pet owner is waiting at home for lab results to explain why your pet is in pain. Our center is equipped with an in-house laboratory, allowing us to perform the necessary tests on-site rather than sending them away.

There are many advantages to testing in-house rather than sending the tests out. These advantages include:

  • Better emergency care: In-house testing allows for faster treatment of your pet, instead of having to wait up to a week to receive the results
  • More information: because we have access to the results immediately, we are able to more quickly diagnose your pet and determine whether inpatient or outpatient care is a better fit for them.
  • Improved drug monitoring and patient care: Many older pets and pets with chronic issues are on a multitude of various drugs. With the immediate results available via the in-house lab, we are able to closely monitor and adjust your pet’s drug intake.
  • Saved time: A one-trip solution is much more appealing to clients who, no matter how much time they wish they could devote to their pet, really only have so much time in the day.
  • Less anxiety for you: NO longer do you have to spend days sitting at home waiting for results. with our in-house lab, you’ll have your results almost immediately, allowing you to breath and start planning how best to help your pet.

In the long run, using the in-house lab that we have allows us to provide you quality care in a more efficient manner. You don’t have to sit at home concerned, we don’t have to wait to diagnose a potentially dangerous illness, and everyone leaves happy. This in-house lab really does make us even more well-equipped to help your pets stay happy, healthy, and safe.