Meet Our April Pet of the Month – Lexi!

Lexi is an adorable Golden Retriever who was adopted by her owners when she was just 10 months old. Her family got her free of charge after her breeder was forced to take her back from the original owner because she was “vicious” with the female owner.

Her new family noticed right away that some things scared Lexi very easily. She was timid around doors, wouldn’t play with her new brother Midas (another Golden), and would cower or flop down on her back when approached. She would snap when her family touched her feet or collar, and scream if they tried to touch her tail or groom her at all. When they took Lexi to their local vet, she had to be muzzled she was so scared. Their vet told Lexi’s family that she suffered from fear aggression.

Lexi’s owner began researching fear aggression and learned that she would need professional help. They remembered seeing a sign at the Animal Care Center of Castle Pines saying that they offered pet therapy. They immediately called and made an appointment.

Lexi has been having weekly therapy session for several months now, and thanks to the hard work of Dr. Christensen, Dr. Fagen and Amber, she has made incredible progress. She now plays well with her brother and allows her family to touch her feet and collar without snapping. While she isn’t “cured” yet, her happy personality has been given the chance to blossom and she’s like a new dog!

If your pet is in need of therapy to help them become the best they can be, then Animal Care Center of Castle Pines is the right place for you! To schedule your appointment or for more information, give us a call at (303) 653-9589.