We’re happy to introduce this month’s pet of the month: Oopsie!

Oopsie got her name when her new parents went to the shelter to find a new dog. Her future owner dropped her purse and said ‘oopsie!’ Then Oopsie the dog ran over as if her name had been called. Her new owners fell instantly in love and adopted her, keeping her self-chosen name of Oopsie.

A little while after they adopted her, Oopsie started having accidents in the house and drinking more water than usual. She was also hesitant to walk around at night. Her owners brought her in, and a thorough blood panel revealed that she had diabetes. Dr. Everett also discovered that Oopsie had early cataracts, which explained her reluctance to walk around in the dark.


Once she was diagnosed, Oopsie’s owners and Dr. Everett worked to get her stabilized. Oopsie is very well managed now, and her owners are aware that even one extra cookie can throw off her blood sugar levels. As you can see, Oopsie is very well adjusted and loving her new life!