Meet Our Pet of the Month – Perri!

Perri is a Dachshund Jack Russell mix, and she’s rescue from Denver Dachshund Rescue. Her family got her in July of 2016. She’s a total sweetheart who loves her home and her family very much. Sometimes Perri can be a bit stubborn, and she’s very cautious around new people and dogs. She’s also very intelligent! She loves walks, sunbathing, and coming on morning rides to Starbucks!

Dr. Quint from Animal Care Center of Castle Pines diagnosed Perri with heartworm in May 2017 when her family brought her in for her routine screening. They’re currently in the first 30 days of a 5-month treatment, and the doctors are confident that Perri will finish treatment successfully. Her owners want to encourage anyone adopting a dog to have a heart worm test regardless of whether your dog seems sick or not – Perri showed no signs of sickness.

Thanks to the heartworm medication and the care of the doctors at Animal Care Center, she’ll be able to keep doing all her favorite things with a family that loves her!