This girl  was born on Thanksgiving along with her two sisters and one brother. She was half the size of her siblings and has some health issues. She came in to see Dr James when she was 5 days old and it was discovered that she has a large umbilical hernia as well as a heart murmur. When she returned at two weeks she still has the murmur and is noticeably smaller than her siblings.

Despite her issues she LOVES to play and wrestle with her siblings and hopefully has a loving home awaiting her with Dr James. Given the right home she has the potential to have a good life, especially once we have the cardiologist take a deeper look at her heart.

Stats: Great Dane, Fawn Girl (Light brown with a black face), born Thanksgiving 2016, currently weighs 8lbs, bred by Glacier Danes ( and is already a little spitfire.