Meet Jack, our December Pet of the Month!

About 10 months ago on February 16, Jack was hit by a Parry’s Pizza delivery car. The driver didn’t stop, even when Jack’s owners screamed after him. Jack spent the first weekend after the accident at the VCA Emergency Hospital in Castle Rock, and was then moved to the Downtown Animal Care Center. He had 3 surgeries on 2 broken legs, and a partially successful Femoral Head Osteotomy on his back hip.

Jack stayed at DACC for 6 weeks with no rehab care. After returning home, he developed a salivary gland blockage which prevented him from breathing comfortably. He had a successful 4th surgery to remove the glands at the Brooklyn Vet Clinic in Castle Rock. He then began rehab at the CRCG before switching to ACCCP.

Under our care, Jack is doing much better! He’s been getting pain relieving laser therapy & chiropractic treatments. He has recently had success in using his atrophied limbs during his swim sessions =). We still have a long way to go, but with the help of all the talented and caring Doctors and Vet Techs at ACCCP, Jack’s determined to make it!! Many thanks for all you do for Jack!