Food Allergies by Dr. Angela Everett

Food allergies in pets can manifest in many ways ranging from ear infections and itchy skin to gastrointestinal signs including soft stool, decreased appetite, and belching. While any dog or cat can be allergic to any food (I even knew a dog allergic to carrots!), the...

Pet of the Month–June 2019

Skye is a border collie who has been working with the behavior service since 2017 to overcome his fear of veterinary handling. All of his hard work has paid off as he just celebrated his 15th birthday! Skye's mom was excited to share, We’d be honored to stand for the...

Baby Tooth Dododododo

Puppy and kitten teeth are cute, little and sharp. Eventually, like most species, these baby teeth, also known as deciduous teeth, will fall out to allow the permanent teeth to erupt. The adult incisors are the first to begin to erupt at around 3-4 months whereas the...

Pets and Colorado

When you live a place where there is an average of 300 days of sunshine a year finding activities to do with your furry friends is a must, you need to take advantage of all those beautiful days. There are a wide variety of activities you can do with your pet. Here are...

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