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The Benefits of Pet Grooming from Your Castle Rock Veterinarian

We all want our pets to look their best, and professional pet grooming can do a lot to accomplish this goal. Proper grooming does more than just improve the look of your dog and cat, though. It also helps maintain the health of your animal and allows for a thorough going over from an experienced professional to identify any potential problems. This is why a grooming visit is a good idea for most dogs and cats and should be a part of regular animal upkeep.

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Pet Grooming Is Good for Your Pet’s Health and Hygiene

It takes time to learn how to professionally groom an animal. A good groomer will know all the tricks of the trade to keep your pet looking good, regardless of its particular breed or grooming needs. When you choose pet grooming from your Castle Rock veterinarian, though, you get even more than grooming skill. You get access to a facility where a medical professional can address the health needs of your pet comprehensively.

A visit to our Castle Rock veterinarian pet grooming facility gives your pet access to everything that is great about a skilled groomer, with the additional option of addressing any health concerns promptly. Your pet is bathed with the high quality soaps and conditioners, then dried using driers as robust or as gentle as necessary to keep your pet calm. Then the grooming process begins, with a focus on the overall wellbeing of the animal. If a health concern is discovered, it is addressed immediately.

Part of grooming involves hair removal and cleaning of the ears. This is one area where many animals wind up having problems in the form of ear infections. Our Castle Rock Veterinarian clinic can address this right away with cleaning and medication so your pet leaves with a treatment regime for the infection.

Proper pet grooming requires an affinity for animals and an understanding of how to deal with them no matter their disposition. Some pets take to grooming with enjoyment and calm while others may initially fight the process. In this, grooming is much like a visit to the veterinarian – some animals enjoy it more than others.

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It takes training and practice to know how to read a pet and to minimize anxiety. An anxious animal is harder to groom and harder to treat, so it is in the best interests of everyone that your pet is calm and happy. Our staff spends so much time accommodating different animals that we are well versed in taking gentle command of your pet, keeping him or her satisfied while accomplishing the task at hand.

Our relationship with your animal only grows over time, as we care for its grooming and its veterinary care. Routine is ideal for your pet – getting you the results you want and keeping your animal happy and healthy.