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Pet Dentistry – Teeth Cleaning Is Important for Your Pet’s Dental Care

Our pets need dental care every bit as much as we do, as evidenced by the disturbing frequency of dental disease in companion animals. It is estimated that over 80 percent of pets wind up with periodontal disease by the time they are 3-years-old. This is unfortunate, both because it is largely preventable and because it can lead to tooth loss and even damage to internal organs. This is why our Castle Rock veterinarian clinic offers comprehensive dentistry services to all of our patients.

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Castle Rock Veterinarian Dentistry – Teeth Cleaning to Dental Surgery

The health of your pet is as important to you as it is to us, which is why we place such a focus on dentistry in our practice. As your Castle Rock veterinarian we want to encourage you and other pet owners to take regular care of their pets’ teeth, from adopting a regular brushing practice to coming in for periodic teeth cleaning. Doing so can prevent the need for dental surgery and can protect your pet from pain, tooth loss and possible illness.

Like us, our pets deal with bacteria buildup on their teeth. When combined with food these bacteria create plaque that coats the teeth. The plaque will combine with your pet’s saliva to form tartar, the hard coating that is impossible to remove without a teeth cleaning. This leads bacteria up under the gums where eventually it will begin to eat away at the surrounding tissue, both gum and bone. Given enough time it can lead to bone loss and travel into the animal’s kidneys, liver and hear.

All of this damage is not necessary, however, with a regular dental regime. Our Castle Rock veterinarian practice offers one day a week to our clients for teeth cleaning, thus lowering costs on a necessary procedure for the health of our patients. Brushing your pet’s teeth at home and coming in for a bi-annual teeth cleaning can usually prevent the advancement of gingivitis and the eventual development of periodontics – the destruction of tissue by bacteria.

Our teeth cleaning procedure involves putting your animal under general anesthesia – necessary to completely clean the teeth – and subsequent removal of plaque and tarter both below and above the gum line. While the animal is under we can examine the entire mouth, including the tongue, gums and teeth for any problems.

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If it is discovered that your pet needs dental surgery for the removal of teeth or other issues, our clinic is equipped to conduct that surgery. This is a more comprehensive procedure than a teeth cleaning, but we can do it if it is necessary.

Whether your pet needs a simple cleaning or dental surgery, the most important thing you can do is bring your animal in for a checkup. The sooner you tackle whatever dental problems your pet has, the greater chance you have of arresting any serious problems early on. This saves you money and improves the quality of life for your pet.