Animal Care Center Vet | Molly Miller, DVM

Molly Miller, DVM

The Animal Care Center of Castle Pines is proud to welcome Dr. Molly Miller to our practice in 2013!

Veterinary Medicine is my first love and second career. After getting my undergraduate degree in microbiology from Miami University and several years in the pharmaceutical industry I decided to go back to school, graduating from the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996. Indianapolis was home for the next five years where I practiced general and emergency medicine until I heard the beckoning call of Colorado’s mountains and streams.

Colorado has been home for almost 12 years where I have continued practicing general medicine and enjoyed additional responsibilities as Medical Director. I am confident my colleagues here would certainly all agree that, OURS IS A WONDERFUL PROFESSION! We have a job where we are challenged daily to practice a variety of disciplines including: preventive care, pediatric medicine, geriatric medicine, internal medicine, endocrinology, dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology, dentistry, anesthesiology and surgery. The choice to serve in the veterinary profession, however, is not driven by intellectual stimulation alone. It’s driven by kindness, compassion and a passion to make a difference in the lives of people and their pets. I am so happy I chose this work nearly 20 years ago!

I enjoy seeing cats and dogs in all stages of their lives with an emphasis on preventive care. I am a practical veterinarian who favors a client-focused approach where they are empowered through education to make the best possible decision about their pet’s care and well-being. It’s also a passion of mine to grow and refine my skills and I enjoy internal medicine cases and elective surgeries, including laparoscopic procedures.

One of the great benefits of this profession is meeting the families and getting to know them as much as their beloved pets. In my free time, I like to volunteer, hike, ski, bike, travel, and play tennis. Some of my favorite volunteer activities include, the Children’s Hospital of Colorado Prescription Pet Program, and Denver Dumb Friends League subsidized spays and neuters. I am currently learning to play ice hockey. I love spending time with friends and family including my husband and young daughter. It is family time and my past childhood family memories that I’ve come to value most in life. Our household currently also includes a young, crazy “lab in black” named Johnny Cash. His unrelenting puppy behavior serves as a constant reminder that, whether raising children or pets, love really is patient, and kind and forgiving! Hmmm…apparently, all I really needed to know, I learned in puppy kindergarten!

I am excited to join the team at Animal Care Center of Castle Pines.