Veterinary Care | Lindsey M. Crippen, DVM, MBA

Lindsay M. Crippen, DVM, MBA

I am Lindsay M. Crippen, DVM, MBA at least that is my official title, but I prefer Lindsay. I am a native of Colorado, born and raised along the Front Range in beautiful Denver. In my high school years I was a concert pianist, a varsity volleyball, basketball, and soccer player. I worked in a veterinary clinic as a kennel “kid” to gain experience in the veterinary field.

After high school I attended college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado knowing I would apply for Veterinary school during my fourth year of undergraduate. College was filled with many hours of studying, working, volunteering and some social time. I worked at Lambspun of Colorado, a fiber arts gallery, learning the art of knitting, spinning, weaving and crocheting, but also learned how to run a business. I was their office manager. Working for three years at Lambspun gave me the confidence to become an entrepreneur. I knew I would open and operate my own veterinary clinic. After going to school full time, working twenty to thirty hours a week and volunteering about ten hours a week, it came down to the final semester of undergraduate and preparing to move to Illinois for Veterinary school.

I spent four years in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois attending the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. There were many hours of studying, socializing and some working. College was devoted to getting into veterinary school and veterinary school was devoted to learning about veterinary medicine, to establish lifelong friends and determine the kind of doctor I wanted to become. Four years came and went quickly.

I graduated in May 2003 and returned to Colorado. I was jobless, homeless, and money less. What alternative did I have, but to move in with the parents? I decided to attend school again for my Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver in May 2007 with my MBA.

I told my self after graduating from veterinary school that I wanted to be in pursuit of my own hospital in 5 years and it has happened! I worked as an emergency and critical care doctor on the overnight shifts for the first nine months of my career and then gradually worked my way into the daytime shift as a general practitioner in Castle Rock. I joined forces with Animal Care Center in April 2008. The last few years have brought a new challenge of running a business as well as being a doctor. I can honestly say I love my job. My clients and I work as a team; the clients rely on me, the doctor, to treat their family members with respect and care and I rely on them to keep me informed about their pets. I want to educate clients and to love their pets as they are loved at home. Currently, I am in pursuit of becoming a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager.

Aside from work, I do try and create a balance of personal interests and family. I have four cats, Black Diamond, Jack, Chloe, and my 3 legged mongrel Everett, a leopard gecko Clementine, and Kensho. I enjoy photography and traveling. I have a wonderful husband and Norah, my daughter, who was born in December 2009. Many days there are not enough hours to get done what I would like, but in the end I am happy and enjoy life to its fullest.