Integrative Medicine for Animals

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Acupuncture – In our hospital, we tend to opt for the use of acupuncture with the treatment of our dogs and cats who are suffering from painful arthritis. Often they may also be using more traditional methods of pain management including oral medications, trusted supplements and rehab practices to restore strength, balance and flexibility. Our use of acupuncture is truly a mix of traditional Chinese medicine strongly intermingled with knowledge of dog and cat anatomy and physiology. If you think about having a focal point of muscle spasm and pain in your shoulder as one example, placing a needle in the center of this tight, angry muscle can provide relief by increased blood flow and relaxation of muscle fibers and even delivery of the body’s natural opioid-like pain relief.

We also have many acupuncture patients facing neurological deficits. In these cases, we combine needle placement or dry needling with an electrical stimulation unit attached to some of those important needles. We call this electroacupuncture and the extra stimulation can be critical for our neurologically-weak patients. As an example, Kidney-1 or KI-1 is a point on the bottom of the pelvic floor that is known for its ability to help cases of pelvic limb weakness or even paralysis. This point and many others when stimulated together may make the difference between a dog or cat able to place its limb normally versus simply dragging the limb behind them. When combined with strengthening and limb awareness exercises, the results can be powerful.

Our healing toolbox as veterinary caregivers is plentiful and continues to grow to include new surgical procedures, evolving pain medications, cold laser therapy, manual therapy, hydrotherapy and regenerative medicine approaches.

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Massage – Animal massage therapy has become an important part of pet rehabilitation and wellness. Massage therapy is the use of hand movements on a patient to improve function. Massage plays an important role in pain relief, reducing tension in muscles and can be key in removing restrictions to motion. When animals are in pain they do not use affected limbs properly, causing overcompensation on the other legs. This leads to tight and sore muscles.

Massage can be used in all life stages:

  • Young, active dogs
  • Agility dogs
  • Working dogs such as police or military
  • Post-operative orthopedic surgery patients
  • Geriatric patients
  • Arthritis patients

Massage can be used as a warm-up, relaxes muscles and goes hand-in-hand with our other rehab services.

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Chiropractic – Animal Chiropractic Care is a field focused on the preservation and general health of the neural, muscular and skeletal systems. The spine is a complex network of bones, muscles and nerves. If the movement of the spine becomes impaired, your animal can lose normal mobility and experience stiffness, pain and even organ dysfunction. If left unattended, these problems will impact your pet’s long-term well-being and quality of life.

Animal Chiropractic Care offers non-surgical, drug-free options for correcting issues in the bones, discs and soft tissues caused by misalignment of the spine. When vertebrae become damaged and the joints between them become jammed, it often affects the nerves inside those congested areas. This interrupts communications between the brain and other areas of the body, causing pain and lost function in those areas. Chiropractic care focuses on removing those communication barriers and restoring function through the realignment of the spine. Maintaining proper structural alignment is key to the optimal functioning of the muscles, nerves and tissues supporting the joints and in maintaining proper stance and flexibility. It also promotes superior immune function, healthier metabolism and your animal’s natural ability to heal itself. The practice of Animal Chiropractic Care has become commonplace as more and more people begin to realize that when used in conjunction with other treatments chiropractic care can help their pets feel happier and healthier.

You can call us to book your chiropractic appointment. We do not require a doctor’s exam to take advantage of our chiropractic services.