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Grain Free Diets

The great grain debate. Nothing frustrates us more than the topic of grain free diets. Some brands want you to believe that ‘grain free’ equals a good diet. Many ‘grain free’ diets still have high amounts of carbohydrates. A well balanced diet is what really counts. There are 23 amino acids, some of which have to come from plant-based proteins.

The notion that grains are bad comes from several angles. One is allergies. It’s a myth that there are a high number of pets that suffer from grain specific allergies. Few pets actually have these specific allergies. Pets, on average, have higher allergic reactions to beef and chicken than they do to grains.


Another is that grains are cheap filler products.True, some diets are prone to this. However, the notion that any corn in a diet is a bad thing simply is not true. Corn is an excellent source of amino acids that when combined with good proteins provides well balanced diet. The emphasis should not be on whether it should be in a diet, but how well balanced the diet is.

Pick a diet that is designed by a company that actually does research and feeding trials and then see how your pet does. In the end you can evaluate how your pet is doing by paying attention to palatability, digestibility, stool and coat.