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If you have owned a large-breed dog, then you have likely heard of GDV (Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus), a condition in which the stomach flips on itself.

This life-threatening condition causes the stomach to seal itself on both sides, trapping gas and air. The result is a very distended stomach that begins to cause tissue death.

Surgical correction is the only way to correct this and it is always an emergency.

While there is no specific known cause of this condition, we know that large-breed, deep-chested dogs are more susceptible to GDV. That is why we will discuss this preventative surgery with you when you bring your puppy to us.

We offer the procedure called a gastropexy, where we make a small incision in the stomach and suture it to the body wall. This way, even though it can still dilate or fill with air, it cannot flip over on itself. An ideal time to have this procedure done is during their spay or neuter.

Be sure to ask us about having this performed laparoscopically.

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