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Fit For Life Pet Care

Prevention, one of our practice cornerstones, is the foundation for optimal health and good medicine. We are finding ways to make preventative care more affordable so that clients can do what’s best for their pet and their pocketbook.

Pets and their owners have a lot in common, including what’s best for their health. Like us, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Advances in medicine are helping us detect, prevent or at least delay the onset of disease.

  • Vaccines for Life
  • Comprehensive Wellness Diagnostics
  • Dental Cleaning averages

The doctors and staff at the Animal Care Centers have developed a Fit For Life Wellness Program tailored to your pet’s breed, age and lifestyle.
We recognize that one barrier to good wellness care can be cost. Owners want to give their pets the best and we have unique programs that make preventive care more affordable.
Our goal is to make it easier for clients to focus on the quality of pet care, not the cost of care with programs like:

  • Vaccines for Life
  • Dedicated Dental Cleaning Days
  • Dedicated Spay and Neuter Days
  • Parasite Control
  • Comprehensive Wellness Screens


Advances in veterinary medicine are helping pets live longer. Pets age 7 times faster than we do and their instincts are to hide illness and injury make catching disease in its early stages difficult without good diagnostics.

Breeds are genetically predisposed to specific conditions and diagnostic tests catch precursors to disease and help delay the onset of more serious issues.

Our comprehensive wellness exam includes all of the diagnostics below:

• A thorough exam
• Orthopedic and neurologic evaluation
• Comprehensive blood work
• Urine analysis
• Parasite analysis
• Doppler blood pressure
• Nutritional consult
• Digital X-rays **

* Good for wellness exams only.
** Does not include an external radiology consult.


Vaccines prevent many contagious diseases.Our Lifetime vaccine program makes it easier and more convenient for clients to keep their pets current on their vaccinations.

We will vaccinate your pet for life, including: Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Bordetella and Leptospirosis. The program does not include the first year puppy and kitten vaccinations.


Periodontal disease leads to serious health problems such as heart, liver, lung and kidney disease. Proper care reduces periodontal disease and is a vital part of the health and wellness of your pet.

We make routine dental care more affordable by dedicating days each month to dental cleaning.


As incidents of heartworm disease are increasing, heartworm prevention and overall parasite control is becoming increasingly important in Colorado. Pets are exposed to gastrointestinal parasites that are in our environment or carried by wild animals and passed onto our pets.

Each spring we have heartworm and parasite clinics that provide testing at reduced costs.


We have dedicated specific days each month to spays and neuters at a great value.

Contact us to find out how you can save.