Veterinarian | Emily Hoard, DVM

Emily Hoard, DVM

Dr. Emily Hoard

Christmas has come early for our team.  We are excited to announce that Dr. Emily Hoard has rejoined our team starting November 7th, 2013. Believe it or not, she loves to work Saturdays, so she will have a very accessible schedule. For those who know her, you have experienced one of the best veterinarians in our state over the last 8 years. For those who don’t, she has extensive experience in:

  • General Practice
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Surgery
  • Complex and chronic conditions

She is currently going through advanced courses in orthopedics and rehabilitation, an example of how she is constantly striving to improve her knowledge in veterinary medicine. She has a passion for pets and their owners and she works tirelessly to ensure each pet that walks through our doors receives the best care she can give. Please join us in welcoming her to our practice. Here is her bio.

I was very fortunate to grow up on a small acreage in central Nebraska. As a child I had no idea how special those 4 acres were and how much they would shape my future.  Through the years my parents sheltered and raised animals of all kinds. We had one cow, Daisy, three pigs (of course one was named Wilber), and a Shetland pony name Joker who was very happy to run around our place free like a dog.  We can never forget our dog Tippy who guarded the four of us like a champion. In addition to our four legged friends we had geese, ducks and chickens waddling and pecking around at various times.  In any given spring there were up to 20 cats in the barn, my parents always said that I had great neonatal care skills because so many kittens did so well.

My family and I knew that I was meant to be a veterinarian all my life.  In fact, I spent so much time with a mamma duck one summer that her ducklings would follow me three acres across the farm to the house where I would take them inside and give them a swim in my parent’s bathtub and then return them to their mamma. One summer those three baby piglets were caught in a barn fire. Their hooves were burned and I cared for and medicated them until they healed.  When they were supposed to go back to being barn animals my mark on them had been made.  In the fall when school started, the bus picked us up for school one morning and Wilber ran right onto the bus as if he were going to school with me. That was a crazy morning!

The stories are endless and so is my love for veterinary medicine. I became a certified veterinary technician in 1995. It was during my six-year career as a technician where I fell in love with the phenomenal bond between the owner and their pet. I knew I could do more for the pets and their owners by becoming a veterinarian. So, I worked full time as a technician and finished my undergraduate degree in biology with a minor in chemistry and went off to veterinary school and graduated from Kansas State University.I have been a general practice small animal veterinarian since 2005. Everyday I think to myself how I can do more for my patients and for their owners. Which is the motivation behind my current pursuit to become board certified in general practice for dogs and cats so that I can push myself to obtain as much knowledge as possible both in medicine and surgery to ensure the best care for both my patients and my clients. I will complete my AVBP certification in 2015.

I am looking forward to working closely with the team at Animal Care Center to provide the highest quality medicine with the most loving care. I live in Castle Rock with my husband James who recently graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a Bachelor degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in Photography, my eight-year-old daughter Riley Jeanne, my two-year-old son Owen James.  The four-legged members of our family are Lilly (1 year old blind chocolate lab), Deacon (1 year old black lab w severe hip damage), and Tonks (unknown age, toothless Chihuahua). We love everything outdoors, including camping, hiking, swimming and fishing. We love to ski and snowboard and to travel and explore our wonderful world!