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There are over 160 known skin disorders that affect dogs alone including pet dermatitis…


Some of these disorders can also produce chronic difficulties. This knowledge is key to you and we are proactive in defining what specifically is affecting your pet with dry skin or other dermatology issues.

There are two kinds of skin disorders in pets: curable and incurable. Even curable disorders can take weeks to resolve, given that it takes skin cells four weeks to mature and be present near the skin surface. When the disorder is incurable, control can be provided through select diets, medications, shampoos, sprays and supplements. It will require diligent work on the part of yourself and your veterinarian to determine the exact diagnosis for your pet’s dry skin, dermatitis or other dermatology ailments. We work closely with dermatology specialists to ensure we are staying at the forefront of managing skin disease in our pets.

Only through diligent work can we determine whether the disorder is curable or controllable. In the case of curable disorders, the most common cause is bacterial dermatitis. This presents on your animal as areas of hair loss, scales and crusts, and small, inflamed eruptions. In the case of this sort of disorder, an antibiotic course will be prescribed that usually runs for 8-12 weeks.

Other common causes are yeast infections and ringworm infections. Our veterinarians will work closely with you to determine the cause of your pet’s skin problems and to determine the best course of action to keep them happy, healthy and safe.

We also offer diet consultations as food allergies often play a role in your pet’s skin disease.

Allergy Testing

As with humans, allergy testing can be performed on your pet to determine if they are having an adverse reaction to something they’ve inhaled or come into contact within their environment. Warning signs that an allergic reaction has occurred can manifest as licking paws, chewing at their feet or other areas of their body and red/inflamed skin.

We offer allergy testing which is the gold standard of tests for skin conditions and allergic reactions. Allergy testing should be considered for any animal that is suffering from symptoms that occur more than 4 months out of the year or do not respond to traditional treatments.

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