My name is Alfie Wiedelman!! I am an older dog, going on 12 now my vets tell me. I came from Denver Dumb Friends League almost 2 years ago now. When my Mom adopted me I was called a “Special Needs Dog” because of my bad arthritis and skin infections. My Mom fell in love with me because of my sweet face and my calm, gentle eyes. No one had picked me because of my red, inflamed skin and slow lumbering gait. Boy, walking was so painful for me! Even standing up was difficult sometimes. But my mom could see my kind and loving heart.

My first stop after my adoption was the “Animal Care Center of Castle Pines”. That was when “Team Alfie” was born!! My vet, Dr Brooke, worked with physical therapist Dr Bartling to develop a treatment plan just for me so I could be my doggie best!!  Everyone
from the front desk to the vet techs treated me like I was the most important dog in the WORLD!!!
I got adjustments for my old bones, special prescriptions, supplements and a custom exercise plan. I also got laser treatments that cleared up my skin and lessened the pain in my joints. Pretty soon I was walking a mile twice a day! That combined with swimming and improved nutrition recommended by my vet made me strong and energetic! Today I chase rabbits out of our garden, go to the dog park and play with my doggie sister Lily!

I pay my mom back with all the love and doggie kisses I can give. I am such a happy dog!!!  I thank all my friends at the ACC for my renewed good health!