Dr. Ambron

About Dr. Ambron

Dr. Maura Ambron has joined the team at Animal Care Center of Castle Pines after working in small animal veterinary medicine for over 10 years.

As an alumnus of the University of Colorado in both Anthropology and Biology, Dr. Ambron shifted her focus from Primatology to Veterinary medicine after a taxing experience while researching Howler monkeys in the isolated jungles of Panama. Her adventurous dreams of following in Jane Goodall’s steps were dashed when the reality of heat, isolation, insect bites and no bathroom quickly sank in and she recognized the magazines she grew up reading made that job look way more glamorous!

A graduate of The Royal Veterinary College, University of London, Dr. Ambron is passionate about preventative care and firmly believes in the value of early detection and intervention to most effectively manage disease. Dr. Ambron is Fear Free Certified and dedicated to making sure your furry family members have a positive experience at Animal Care Center by using recognized low-stress handling techniques and guidelines.


It is evident that her compassion for animals extends to their people too. Developing client relationships is fundamental to delivering exceptional patient care. She enjoys collaborating with owners on the best plan for their pet based on history, physical exam and lifestyle.

Dr. Ambron is a member of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association and the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care.In addition to loving the puppy and kitten visits, Dr. Ambron has a special interest in providing compassionate guidance to help ease the transition through the pearly gates for families with furry members in their final days. Dr. Ambron also has a special interest in dermatology, internal medicine, dentistry and enjoys being engaged in the field to learn about the latest medical developments.

Dr. Ambron has mentored numerous veterinary students throughout the years and has enjoyed educational outreach opportunities to teach children and adults about the importance of preventative care. She has volunteered her services at the Denver Dumb Friends League, Humane Society of the South Platt, The Denver Zoo and participated in outreach with the Rural Area Veterinary Services.

Dr. Ambron has a heart for the challenges members of the surrounding senior communities face with access to veterinary care and she is currently developing a plan to reach these communities.

At her core Dr. Ambron is passionate about animals including the human kind. She and her husband share their house with three children, a Mother in Law, guinea pigs, cats, a dog, a parrot and tropical fish. You see…this is not just a job, it is a lifestyle!In her free time Dr. Ambron enjoys the great outdoors, the performing arts and travel.

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